OCP Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really set my own pricing?
Yes! You have the final say on pricing by simply maintaining your own OCP pricing profile. You can change your profile at anytime.

What's the catch?
There is no catch. Simply complete and maintain your OCP profile along with following:

  • Your technicians must carry industry recognized certification that is current.
  • Your shop must provide a customer satisfaction or net promoter score for each job from the OCP.
  • Claims submitted or reported to the OCP must be done electronically.
  • You must provide a live answering service for after hours calls.
  • Your technicians must wear your recognizable brand and be presentable when engaging customers.
  • Your warranty to the customer must be at least one year and cover workmanship quality issues such as water/air leaks, etc.
  • Provide images of the loss and the condition of the vehicle to Claim Harbor.

Who can see my pricing profile?
Only you can see your pricing profile. When you submit an invoice through the OCP, the system checks to ensure your established rates have been invoiced correctly, per your profile.