Claims Processing
Your Way!

You file the claim, you set the price, you do the work!
OCP is setting the standard for insurance claims processing. Eliminating the middle-man, eliminates the friction, which results in a better experience for you and the customer.

Who is behind OCP?
The Open Claims Program (OCP) is a business service owned by eDirectGlass. Through partnerships with ACD Corp and the Independent Glass Association, eDirectGlass is able to leverage the strengths of these organizations to provide a seamless claims experience.

ACD Corp provides integrated claim services to insurance carriers and fleet companies. Through its integration with eDirectGlass, ACD's customers are able to create their own virtual automotive glass claim programs that eliminate the traditional third-party interest. By eliminating this claims layer, OCP can offer the flexibility it does when it comes to pricing and first notice of loss reporting.

The Independent Glass Association represents independent automotive glass shops and other automotive repair professionals in North America and around the world. The IGA advocates for the rights to invoice fair and reasonable prices for services performed by these professionals along with other key initatives. The IGA provides member locations to those carriers on the OCP who want to build their own specific referral network based on criteria supplied by these members. Beyond this, the IGA and its membership provide valuable input to the OCP in order to have the very best experience for all involved in the automotive glass claims process.

Why should I join the OCP?
You are in complete control of the claims process, period. You are only required to provide a few items in order to participate, which are already part of the IGA Certified Member program. These requirements are:

  • Your technicians must carry industry recognized certification that is current.
  • Your shop must provide a customer satisfaction or net promoter score for each job from the OCP.
  • Claims submitted or reported to the OCP must be done electronically.
  • You must provide a live answering service for after hours calls.
  • Your technicians must wear your recognizable brand and be presentable when engaging customers.
  • Your warranty to the customer must be at least one year and cover workmanship quality issues such as water/air leaks, etc.
  • Provide images of the loss and the condition of the vehicle to Claim Harbor.

What's Next for the OCP?
The mission for the OCP is to attract as many insurance and fleet companies who want to regain control of their claims for the benefit of the insured and those that provide quality repair services.